Zyfra Eye
Computer Vision and Deep Learning solution for collecting data from non-CNC machines and non-connected industrial equipment
Zyfra Eye processes live video from the digital camera using Computer Vision and Deep Learning methods to detect and box areas of interest within the video frame, detect readings of the specific meters or positions of controls and finally recognizes meters readings or controls' state. Zyfra Eye provides a recognition accuracy exceeding 99.7%*. After that it sends collected data to your IoT platform, SCADA or MDC system.

Zyfra Eye comes as a server software for video feed processing from Video Management or CCTV system or as an Edge solution, combining industrial camera and video recognition unit in one box.
Zyfra Eye features
Digital meters recognition
Recognition of readings of digital meters on LCD, CCD, CRT and other display of machines and other industrial equipment with an accuracy exceeding 99.7%*
Analog meters recognition
Recognition of readings of circular meters, edgewise meters, current and voltage meters, DIN panel meters
Recognition of controls' state
Recognition of state of contols like levers, switches, buttons
Transfer of collected data to IoT platform
Structurize and time-stamp recognized data, convert them to required format and transfer to IoT, MDC or SCADA platform using MQTT, REST, syslog or other protocol
Edge analytics
Readings and states recognition is performed on the Edge with a speed up to 8 fps, using latest Deep Learning model serving methods and our innovative approach to model architecture and training - Tutor-Student Semi-Supervised Learning
Industrial network connectivity
Our Edge solution supports variaty of industrial network connectivity options: Ethernet, WiFi, LoRaWAN**, mesh networks**.
Easy installation & setup
You can install & setup Zyfra Eye on your own - our installation assistant will guide you through the installation process, help you to configure readings from the different meters and controls and tweak recognition process.
You can also have our skilled technicians at your service to setup a large-scale deployment of Zyfra Eye.
Assisted data labelling
You can correct incorrect readings (if any) or readings with low confidence in order to further improve recognition quality
Configurable Edge data processing rules
Zyfra Eye allows you to configure missing data or outliers processing rules, data aggregation rules, etc.
Mobile App for setup and configuration
App for iOS and Android will help you to install and configure Zyfra Eye**
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1 - 5 meters or controls
Per meter or control
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26+ meters or controls
Per meter or control
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  • 2-year software update subscription
  • Installation and setup included!
  • 12x5 support is included!
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* Metric obtained on out-of-sample testing data from the real life industrial meters. Accuracy could be different in your environment.
** Coming soon