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Zyfra AI solutions for Refineries and Chemical Plants
Zyfra AI solutions for Refineries and Chemical Plants
Most of refineries and chemical plants work in hard conditions when many factors such as weather, raw materials quality or catalyst aging have an influence on production process. It is necessary to synchronize people and work of production units with complex approach.

We provide data-driven solutions to increase level of safety, information availability, reduce losses and costs, increase quality of products and semi products. We achieve it by using up-to-date data-connectivity instruments and statistical analysis of industrial data with machine learning algorithms. Our solutions help our customers to optimize typical production units such as furnaces, distillation columns, bed reactors and others which results in up to 5% cost reduction.
IIoT Platform
Zyfra EYE
Digital Advisor
IIoT/AI Platform
Most of industrial data is stored in separate systems. Application services are usually provided by different data sources and are oriented on different users with their own data structure.
Platform provides connectivity to different industrial (such as OPC DA/UA, Modbus, MQTT) and non industrial data sources. The platform is oriented on raw stream data flow and provides stream calculations.
It has NoSQL database and object model which makes possible to store large amounts of data in a structured way. Any external applications can be easily integrated with IIoT Platform via REST API. It is a new step to crosscutting approach in production plant management and its usage is an easy way to implement new solutions.
Zyfra EYE
Zyfra EYE solution is based on computer vision. It has various applications from production safety control (e.g. body position control) up to technological process control.

It can be used to read the position of analog devices such as arrow indicators and levers. It is applicable in cases where it is necessary to read pellets size distribution and control the presence of inclusions in a media.

Zyfra EYE solution can decrease LTIFR and increase information availability.
Digital Advisor
Digital advisor is a machine learning based system which helps the process operator and process engineer to achieve the efficiency of the production unit. It helps to achieve low raw materials and energy consumption, increase productivity and quality of products, solves long-term and complex tasks such as synchronization of processes between separate units, catalyst lifetime increase.

Digital advisors can increase profit margin of production unit up to 3%.
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